Meals & drinks

Honor the Portuguese tradition

More than an F&B service, our in-house teams will make sure our members are experiencing a wonderful time. We are here to provide a lifestyle, designed by the needs and wants of our members.


With our discreet and professional service, the breakfast team will make sure your party will have a fantastic morning. Nothing better after waking up than that fresh coffee scent and the view of home-made Continental and full English breakfasts available. Delicious.

Lunch & dinner.
Private chef is not a standard service, but it is included in all our packages. If you want to keep it casual, our catering services may be the option, which can be complemented with waiter assistance.

Watch and learn the recipes if you are passionate about food. This will be a fine gastronomic experience in your holiday home.

Private chef

The Portuguese cuisine is renowned as one of the best in the world. Our private 5 stars professionals will cook special for your group. A few hours before the meal, the team will arrive and start working on the chosen menu. With the collaboration of his staff, the chef will take his time on every detail involved in each dish.

Bar service

For extra commodity you can have professional barmen at the pool and at the disco bar.
Professional drinks service will be available for groups up to 60 people or just for your family. The service may be combined with entertainment options like theme party, product launches, live band, DJ shows and Champagne/wine tasting events.

From simple to exciting, let us know.