Exploring Algarve

Grab your shoes and take a tour

Don’t limit your stay to a single town, we’ll make it a multi-destination holiday to discover the real Algarve. Perfect weather, 200+ Km of beaches and charming towns are waiting.

Boat tours

Dolphin watch. There are quite a few families of bottle nose dolphins living in the Algarve. Magnificent and animals that grow up to 4 meters, always friendly and fun. An emotive enchantment of wildlife and adventure.

Alvôr ria day off. Shielded by the Ria Formosa sandbanks, Alvôr has a picturesque promenade by the water, that merges traditional and cosmopolitan atmospheres. Premium fresh fish and seafood for your delight. A perfect day and a lot of fun by boat.

Island tours. Close to the coast of Faro and Olhão, there are a few islands that shows us the Portuguese way of life in harmony with the sea. Paradise lost beaches, fresh fish and seafood, boat trips and more. This tour can be provided in one or more private yachts.

Wine caves. We have a few secret places where you can try superior wine, either local, national or international. From restaurants fully decorated with wine bottles, to vineyards and wine producers, one thing is certain: a perfect day and perfect wine.


Local food. If your hobby is to experience top food, don’t miss this one. Instead of looking for a Michelin star experience, you can for local food, freshly prepared. Meat, fish, seafood, fresh fruit, local sweets, traditional recipes, sweet liquors: all directly from the producer to your table. The best that Portugal has to offer, guided by our team that will book your VIP table. Delicious and a must.


Old villages adventure. Deep in the Algarve heart, you can go back in time. In the hills, 30 Km north of the coastline, you will discover places that resemble Portugal 100 years ago. The Algarve is full of charming towns and villages, with breathtaking scenarios.

Churches.  The towns of Algarve have quite a few ancient churches and chapels, with beautiful Portuguese tile decoration, medieval Christian art and holly sculptures. On the trip don’t miss our regional treats: liquors, cakes and  traditional meals. A real time machine at your request.

Silves castle visit. Silves was Xelb, in the Moorish era. This castle in one of the most beautiful of the former Portuguese Kingdom. Master craftsmen built the castle out of the local red rock more than 500 years ago, and it still remembers the old cultures that gave birth to the city. The legends and the myths of our great forefathers combined with this magnificent building invites you all for a lesson of Portuguese history.